Integrate our tools on your server

Managing players on your server requires powerful and easy-to-use ingame tools and interfaces for your administration team

Pure System offers administration tools adapted to each game supported by our solution. You and your administrators can manage your game servers from Pure System in game, but also remotely and for a multitude of different servers.

How Pure System can change your servers

Players data shared by your network

Pure System offers your servers administration tools adapted to your community. Whether you are a server with about ten slots or a multigaming community evolving over several games, Pure System adapts to your needs.

We allow all servers to take advantage of the Pure System database to filter players according to their in-game behavior or reputation.

We offer the possibility for multiserver structures to combine the sanctions of their players to benefit of a unified administration solution between all your servers and games.

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External and unified management tools

Pure System allows you to manage your server remotely, directly from the web interface. You can monitor your server from anywhere and provide real-time tools to your administrators.

Our in-game tools, whether in the form of addons, plugins or other, are created according to the same standards to provide your administration team a unified experience without having to waste time learning new administration systems. If your moderators are operational on one of your games, they will be directly operational on the others and can operate from the Pure System web interface on ingame behaviours.

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