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The toxicity of a community is a wound for the development of a multiplayer-oriented game. A poor image of the players in your game can drive away potential new players.

Pure System offers professional tools to analyze and manage online gaming communities. Our data models analyze and understand the behavior of the players involved to provide you with advanced control tools.

How Pure System can change your game

Administration and monitoring solution

With the democratization of dematerialized games and the increased simplicity of creating different accounts on the same game, managing player sanctions in game can become a real headache.

Pure System offers integrated solutions to the various popular game engines to allow the management of infractions as well as the tracking of in-game bans.

Pure System centralizes all the infractions of your game, offering you advanced statistics on them and giving players the possibility to have a follow-up of their profile.

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Analysis of player behaviour

Pure System takes advantage of your players behaviour analyses when they play. We process this data to obtain information that can be used by your services as behavioural traits.

This information is then accessible on our site, but also in game to allow developers to create mechanics based on player behavior such as matchmakings taking into account the temperament and profile of players.

These tools allow you to better understand your players and offer them a better experience from the very first minute of play.

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