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Brand image is a key issue for eSport structures. With the rise of streaming services, players are becoming more and more visible.

Pure System helps to avoid image problems and control the online activity of influential players both in game through their infractions and behavior or on social networks.

How Pure System can operate in your structure

Gaming room
Follow-up of reputations

Pure System allows you to track the reputation of influential players in your organization to receive alerts in case of game violations or events on their social networks accounts.

With Pure System, you can avoid image problems in your structure and track any player profile.

Pure System reports any changes observed in the player's behaviour, but also the various sanctions in progress against him/her as well as events related to his/her public profiles and alerts you in real time.

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Advanced player search tools

Pure System allows simplified player recruitment by providing eSport structures an advanced search system based not only on the player's in-game result, via an indicator of his "skill" but also on a behavioural sorting functionality.

With behavioral analysis, you can integrate the behavioral traits extracted by Pure System into your search to find players not only good at the game, but also with a behavior that you want to prioritize within your teams.

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